Meet O'D

Brendan O’Driscoll

Co-Founder & Loan Officer, NMLS 132530



Brendan O’Driscoll hates clichés. Nevertheless, he’s true to his word, treats people as he hopes to be treated, and believes in good old customer service: all clichés.

A civil engineer by trade, a few of Brendan’s friends lured him into the lending industry 20 years ago, and he was instantly hooked. He discovered that he craved a career that serves others, just as his Irish immigrant father had done as a prominent local doctor.

As a child, Brendan witnessed first-hand how rewarding it is to have a career that helps others improve their lives. Dr. O’Driscoll came to the United States from Ireland for his residency and, after falling in love with Brendan’s mother (then a nurse), his father remained in the U.S. and established a successful medical practice in Grand Rapids built on hard work, compassion, and integrity. It’s with these same traits that Brendan has built a successful business that’s 100% referral based. He’s known for going the extra mile for each and every client and acting as a fierce advocate on their behalf. As a result, his clients become good friends and enthusiastic fans.

After his initial foray into the mortgage lending industry, Brendan quickly realized that the “standard” way of doing business in the industry wasn’t a good fit for him. It was with this notion that Brendan and his good friend, Kevin Polakovich, opened Treadstone Funding. Their mission was to approach mortgage lending differently than other firms, always practicing ethical, honest, common sense lending.

Brendan works hard but family life and having fun is important to him, too. He’s married to the love of his life, Christine, as is a hands-on father to their four wonderfully active children. One of his greatest pleasures in life is being able to travel with his family and expose them to different places and cultures. A sports fanatic from birth, Brendan enjoys playing, coaching, and watching sporting events. He’s also as comfortable singing old folk Irish songs in front of 200 people as he is spending an evening quietly reading fiction novels. Brendan has a stellar reputation and has proven that if you love what you do, and you truly work hard for your clients, you can achieve success.